Thursday, July 21, 2005

"i just gave my first suppository"

my roommate, joe, came into my room today with this announcement.

i won't go into too many details. there are a number of big steps in relationships. the first date. the first time you kiss her. meeting her family for the first time. proposing to her. etc...

today, joe stuck his finger into his girlfriend's brother's butthole.

i didn't know what to say. do you congratulate him? take him out for drinks? consider him engaged?

i guess the moral is that some private moments should be left private.


  1. dude, that's SICK!! im gonna barf.

  2. i saw joe at walmart and asked him if he was engaged (i read your apparently joking remark in an earlier entry)- he denied it, but if that doesn't seal the deal i don't know what does!!

  3. i guess you could say that her brother put a ring on joe's finger.

    haha! i am so funny!


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