Saturday, August 13, 2005

another post

it's 2am eastern time. 12am mountain standard. about 10pm loyd time.

time for another post. i got nothing else to do.

a couple days ago, it really hit me that life is getting good. in other words, i'm happy. i've just been so excited for things lately and all that has been bringing me down in the past has either gone away or has finally settled and found a place where i can handle it. on the other end, things are looking so up for me. most of you probably cannot understand how excited i am to be working for my professor this fall. it's something that i've been looking forward to since the spring and it's finally becoming a reality. for a while i thought it might not happen, but somebody had some special power of faith it would work out... and it looks like the magic worked. along with work, i'm excited for school this fall and everything that'll go along with it. i was even excited to come visit my parents (which has turned out to be a lot of fun so far).

while talking about all of this with my friend on thursday, i couldn't help but jsut smile and be ecstatic with everything going on.

of course, i've gotta throw in that bit of pessimism and nihilism that this is all temporary and all hell along with a sh**storm is about to come loose, but until then...

life is good

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