Tuesday, August 16, 2005

back home

last week i was telling my friend tory that being a vegetarian has helped me watch what other foods i eat and that i've practically taken fast food off of my diet (besides little caesar's cheese pizzas of course). tonight i went with jesica to get some icecream and a large fries at mcdonald's of all places. i really hate mcdonalds a lot. they don't take credit cards and have a 50 cent debit card service charge. i still feel like i've got frying oil pumping through my veins from their over-salted fries. and their mcflurry was quite mcshitty. i hope i learned my lesson tonight.

here are a few more short short stories,

the last leg of my virginia trip went well for the most part. for a while on sunday night, things got rather uncomfortable and unpleasant. eventually things cooled down and worked out for the better.

between norfolk virginia and salt lake city (with a layover in baltimore and a short stop in chicago), my plane ride home lasted a total of about 8 hours. i usually do a pretty good job of managing my urge to pee. this way i can take a window seat and not have to worry about bothering others nor being bothered by others. couldn't quite totally control the urge today. after checking to make sure the facilities were unoccupied, i disturbed my neighbors so i could make my way past them. no sooner had i gotten to the aisle when a dozen other people jumped up in a race to be me ot the lavoratory. i didn't need to go that bad, but i had already become a nuisance in getting to the aisle, so i had to wait in that long line to relieve what i could.

am i the only person scared that an airplane toilet might vacuum suck part of me or my clothes when flushing?

tonight is one of those nights i've been waiting for. nice and cool. laptop. music on the balcony. relaxing to the pouring rain outside.

that's all for tonight. i've got a long over-due book update to post tomorrow as well as a new background song. any suggestions for the music? i'm thinking some iron &wine.

oh yeah. if you haven't yet, sign the guestbook. thanks to those who have


  1. I stopped being scared of the airplane toilet when I was about 10.

  2. mcD's takes my cards here in SLC.

  3. don't knock mcflurries man. they're the best


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