Tuesday, August 16, 2005

current book update

i've gotten a bit behind in my current reading list. i finished kierkegaard's fear and trembling a couple weeks ago. i must admit that i had a hard time understanding much of it. luckily, it looks like we'll be reading it in my philosophy in literature class this fall. second time around should hopefully be a little easier.

resistance, rebellion, and death - albert camus fugitives and refugees - chuck palahniuk

i also read and finished albert camus' resistance, rebellion, and death and chuck palahniuk's fugitives and refugees. camus' book was just as great as the his other books i have read. i especially enjoyed his letters to the nazi germans originally printed in an underground newspaper for the french resistance and his essays regarding the deplorable nature of capital punishment. palahniuk's book was... well... different. it was basically a tour guide of portland. some entries were personal and interesting looks and the fringes of 'normal' society in portland. others were quite boring. perphaps it would have been better if i had lived in and experienced portland.

the plague - albert camus

while in virginia, i picked up albert camus' the plague at a local waldenbooks for my flight home (the entire state of virginia is entirely void of both borders and barnes and noble - apparently a testament to the state's literacy rate). i'm not sure what or if i will read to along side it.


today was the first of eight days void of both school and work. needless to say, it was quite boring. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with myself. hopefully i'll be able to get some hiking and maybe a camping trip in before school starts.


  1. Why do we never see - I'm reading the Book of Mormon, or The Bible, or The Apocrypha, or The Naghamadie (sp???) Scrolls, or The Torah, or The Koran, or The Dead Sea Scrolls ... basicly any book that is recognised by a major religious group to hold some religious signifigance. Instead you read what "great thinkers" have thought up. Again, showing your beliefe that they are right, when history has show again and again, that they are wrong, and will be proven so by the next generation of "great thinkers" ... oh well, what do you expect right???

  2. you sound like my friend ryan.

    scroll through my months of posts and you'll find plenty of things regarding what i have read in the scriptures. (i read the quran nightly for a couple months, but to be honest, i didn't find much worthy of writing about. i guess i didn't understand it properly). most people just don't give a damn and would rather just understand the scriptures as they have been told to understand them.

  3. I think Waldenbooks is owned by Barnes & Noble, if memory serves.... Guess it's still a different kind of store though.....

  4. waldenbooks is borders' little bitch.


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