Saturday, August 20, 2005

religious studies program assistant

that's my new title... until i can think of something better. right now the only other title i can think of is brian's bitch. as of a few days ago, i'm officially employed by uvsc for the religious studies program. for any of you who really know me, you'll know that i'm very excited about this. my duties will include copy editing the proceedings from the last two conferences for the society for mormon philosophers and theologians, assisting with a few religious and mormons studies conferences at uvsc, as well as helping the religious studies program at uvsc get off the ground.

awesome, you say.

i know.


haven't updated this for a while. the boredom created from my lack of school and work has sterilized my creative and intellectual abilities. as sad as this may seem to some of you, i'm totally excited for school to start up again next week. i miss the rush and clutter of homework and readings, the camaraderie of fellow classmates and professors, and that feeling of sitting in the halls and feeling oh yeah, that's right.

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