Thursday, August 25, 2005

some thing

i said something a few days ago.
something i've said before.
something i've never quite meant before.
something that had a whole new meaning.
something unplanned.
something that was real.
something that could be faked.
something that made all the other times seem so superficial.
something i can't explain.
something void of motives.
something that made me smile.
something that almost made me cry.
something that felt good.
something that might hurt
something i never understood.
something that i know.
something that was right.
something i could feel.
something i can't take back.
something personal.
something shared.
something i held inside.
something i let loose.
something i can show.
something i could hide.
i said something the other day.
just something.
some thing.
just a thing.
or maybe nothing.

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