Wednesday, August 24, 2005

wittgenstein resurrected

wittgenstein isn't dead afterall. while not fully salvaged, it looks he'll be available for our prodding. the few of us philosophy nerds who signed up for the class were able to urge brian birch to let us continue as an independant study course. we're going to focus on brian's dissertation which deals with a wittgensteinian approach to the philosophy of religion.

the dilemma now is whether i should still take the nietzsche class. i've gotten myself all excited for it now. if i do both, that'll up me to 19 credits which exceeds the (up to)18 full-time credits that i've already paid for. if i decide to do both wittgenstein and nietzsche, i could drop philosophy forum from my schedule. dennis potter would still let me sit in the class if i wanted.

so far, my classes look like they are going to be a blast this semester.

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