Wednesday, August 24, 2005

thank god for technology

grabbed myself a subway sandwhich earlier today. the usual. six inch veggie delight on italian bread and cheese. american cheese. toasted. all the veggies, minus the green peppers and pickles. mustard. mayo. large lemonade.

just as i was about to pay, the card reader on their register stopped working. they must have gotten it at compusa. i had some cash on hand, but as they asked how i was going to pay, i heard a still small voice. pay with your debit card. this wasn't the still small voice people refer to in church. this was the voice of the dark prince (aka the devil, lucider, satan, the fallen one, dick cheney). as i normally do when prompted by the lord of the underworld, i followed his advice and told them i'd be paying with my check card. they told me that their card reader had malfunctioned and that it might be a few minutes before they could ring me up. i sat and waited as they rang up those who were paying with cash. i sat and waited a few minutes longer. i waited a few minutes more.

eventually one of them came to me, told me that they could not get the machine to work, and offered me the sandwhich and drink free of charge for my inconvenience.

thank god for technology. thank the devil for his still small voice and sweet words of wisdom. thank subway for free food.


  1. Lie a little, cheat a little, take advantage of another what does it matter???

    I'll show you what a man is made of by what he does when he thinks no one else is watching.

    a wise man once told me "do unto others, as you would have them do unto you"

    You and I don't see eye to eye on many issues (religiously/politicaly), and I think we are both mature enough to agree to disagree, and we still stay friends. It's a wonderful world and country we live in that allows us to have differing opinions. I have a lot of respect for you and your choices/opinions etc. But to be proud of something like this ... that's not cool dude. Be honest in your dealings with your fellow man.

    ~Ryan O.

  2. sorry to disappoint you with my moral failings ryan. i'd try to justify my actions, but to be honest, i can't. what i did was wrong. i just thought it made an interesting story.


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