Tuesday, August 23, 2005

wittgenstein is dead

on the eve of a new semester, i was delivered the disheartening news. i had just left the uvsc bookstore, having purchased the last book i needed when i ran into my professor, brian birch. the class on ludwig wittgenstein had been canceled. yes, that class. the one i had written about before. the class i had been waiting all summer to take. major bummer. apparently, there were not enough students enrolled in the class. because the new uvlink registration system is an utter joke, there is a small possibility that a large number of students will show up with add cards on the first day and the class will be able to continue, but that chance is too slim to put any hope in.

on the brightside, i'll be able to take the class on nietzsche now. not what i was hoping for, but a pretty good consolation prize.

now i gotta buy a few more books. i guess thats cool though.


  1. Good luck on your first day Loyd! I hope classes are everything we've built them up to be all summer. You'll do great this semester!

  2. Loyd, you're my hero. Hello Val, remember me? Tory, the copy editor? I saw your name here, and thought i would say hello. Anyway, i hope school goes well for both you. I'm actually jealous of you both, i'm stuck working a night job, while you're both in school. I miss school.
    Take care,


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