Sunday, September 11, 2005

crappy service

"i don't even know where i am"

you're at village inn. you know... the place where you are working. so will you please get me a goddam refill on my coke!

i don't know why i bother going there late at night (or even during the day). everytime i go the service is absolutely terrible. one time i had a waitress that didn't bring us anything to drink until after we had already finised eating our meals. uggghhh... what's the deal with these people?

i think one of the problems is that i get dragged there too late at night when i'm too tired to protest against it. speaking of being tired.... this whole post probably doesn't make any sense. i guess i'll see when i wake up and have more mental functions available.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! I've definitely been there. You go to these places with friends after partying hard, trying to sober up a little after a few too many, and the waitress (always a waitress!) who serves you looks like a total WT who manages to get something simple like a cup of coffee f*cked up. Sigh... good times...


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