Thursday, September 08, 2005

free time?

i just got a call from the philosophy department a few minutes ago. they want to hire me as a teaching assistant. i'll help tutor, grade, and a bunch of other stufs and will pay me for about twenty hours a week. on the plus side, i'll be able to double up my hours that i do for the religious studies program (which isn't much), be able to study during much of the time, have a little more income, have a nice something extra on my vita, and get some good experience in.

on the downside, there really isn't much. it'll add a little more to my load which won't be much of an issue until the end of the sememester. i guess i could audit one of my classes if it looks like it'll be too much. i'm taking nietzsche for fun anways.

i've also been asked to be the representative for the philosophy department for student government. that won't be much of a time eater though. just a meeting once a week or so. i'll get a nice little title for little work. another plus on my vita.

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