Wednesday, October 05, 2005

nine inch nails last night!!!!

the last time nine inch nails came to salt lake, i was on a plane flying home after serving my mission in hawaii. that was five years ago. trent reznor's industrial machine had been my favorite band since i first heard them in the eigth grade. i had waited seven years to see them and ended up missing their show by a day.

after waiting another five years, my dream finally came true. words cannot describe how awesome last night's show was. however, bitchin! comes pretty close. trent reznor and his crew put on one hell of a show. just short of two hours, they covered over twenty songs - each one of them full of energy, setting all of us in the crowd crazy.

when the band left the stage and the arena lights returned, i was in a daze of sweat and adrenaline.

of this show, trent reznor said on his website, "we have a few markets with shitty ticket sales, last night in slc being one of them - but the crowd more than made up for it. ended up having a good time and a rewarding show." seventeen years of waiting was definitely rewarded for me.

the set list was:

love is not enough
you know what you are?
the line begins to blur
march of the pigs
terrible lie
the frail
the wretched
gave up
right where it belongs
beside you in time
the hand that feeds
star fuckers inc.
head like a hole

i left the show worn out, dazed, dehydrated, voiceless, nearly deaf, and with a sore back, neck, and feet. damn it was great! i don't think i'll be ready for another rock concert for a while. instead, i'm now looking forward to a nice relaxing evening with iron & wine in a few weeks... a nice show that i can just sit back and enjoy.

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