Tuesday, October 11, 2005


just as it happens every semester, i'm finding myself behind in my classes. on monday i walked into my christian ethics class only to discover that i had a 7-10 page paper due. luckily, since i've been busy helping out with the religious studies program this week, my professor gave me an extension until friday... that means i probably won't be even start it until late thursday night.

in queue, i've also got a 6-8 page take-home midterm for my ancient philosophy class due on thursday, a nietzche take-home midterm and ancient philosophy paper due a week from today, a nietzche paper due in a couple weeks, as well as several journals for my philosophy through literature and nietzsche classes which i've gotten behind on.

thank god for my epistemology class which is only graded with attendance and a final.

what i need is a roommate who is studying as well to give me some motivation. it's togh when i'm the only person in my apartment ever doing homework. i need the example of a study-mate.

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  1. Yeah, its always better when I have to be guilted into doing homework too.


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