Wednesday, November 30, 2005

philosophy teacher?

it's official. well semi-official. i'll be teaching an ethics and values course next semester at uvsc. technically i'll be aiding the teaching, but the professor set it up so i get the pay and pretty much do everything.

oh crap! i don't know how to teach!

too busy writing papers to post anything else.


  1. That's exciting. I love when it's official.

  2. what section? I have to take that class still.

  3. You should run your class like a philosopher-king.

  4. katie, if you ar my dear friend katie that i'm thinking of you can't take my class. no friends are allowed in. no enemies either. too much of an ethical dilemma for me.

    anon, sure... if i get to use noble lies and fix marriages... communal sex seems pretty good.

  5. Just keep 'em all in the cave.


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