Saturday, December 10, 2005

day 93

i don’t recognize the face looking back at me in the mirror. whoever it is, he’s staring with a hollow glare of apathy; grey eyes sinking deep into their sockets, fixed on every turn and nod of my head. yellowed teeth gnarl between the skeletal features of his jaw. just as i look curiously, but uncaringly at him, he returns the favor. we stand and stare. ribs protrude, almost poking through the skin on his chest and sides. he’s a nightmare from my future, my skeletal remains draped in a thin covering of blue, cold flesh. i hate him and want him to leave, but he continues to just stands there looking at me. stop! go away! leave me alone! i don’t want to see you anymore! he’s still there, repeating my every word, and mocking my every thought. go away! this time he shatters and falls to pieces with the swing of my fist. blood drips from my hand across the floor. he’s gone. i walk back to my room leaving a trail of blood. little stains of crushed bugs, black as the barrel of a gun, and bleeding into the carpet like the ink on a wet cardboard sign. lying on my bed, i wrap my hand in the side of my pillow, curl into a ball, and try to sleep.

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