Thursday, June 29, 2006

goodbye for now

i had a post on lds church history written and several various posts in queue, however i am going to put them all on hold for the time being. things have escalated even further and i have very good reasons to believe that it might now be going beyond my posts on mkh. until i know things have settled this will probably be my last post.

i know that this probably sounds paranoid to most of you. if i haven't been going through this, i wouldn't believe it either.

anyone feel free to chat with me via messenger.

aim: onehellameanguy
yahoo: loydo38
msn: loydo3 @ hotmail . com <---this is not my e-mail, so don't e-mail me here.


  1. That's sad Loyd. I personally will miss hearing from you.

  2. "From a website proclaiming the greatness of the governership"

    "We’ve had some wonderful times during the last several months. You can be very proud of the candidate that is running for governor,” said Huntsman. She related an experience that they had at the Utah County Convention where they encountered protesters. Two men were holding up a negative letter about Jon Huntsman and shouting to everyone who walked in the door.

    Jon approached the two men, shook their hands and said, “I want you to know I respect the freedom you have to say whatever you want. That’s what makes America great. It’s no problem.”

    “He’s done this many, many times,” explained Mary Kay Huntsman. “He takes a situation and turns it around.”

    Wow am i the only one who see's just a little hypocrasy in light of recent events?

  3. yes, yes you are

  4. what you don't find it hypocritical that the Huntsmans love free speech unless its about making fun of her?



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