Saturday, July 01, 2006


[MKH: the following has been both faxed and mailed to your offices]

Please accept my sincere apology for the caustic and insulting satire I posted online last week. Although I meant nothing personally against you and never intended for it to go beyond my circle of friends, I should have never written the post in the first place. While my intent was geared at garnering the laughter of my friends, instead I exemplified how ugly I could be in my total disrespect of another person. I am deeply sorry for any pain I may have caused you and your family.

Before all of this, I knew very little about you besides a few news clips and commercials. After receiving your response I have learned of the great work you have been doing, especially through your Power in You organization. Having watched a favorite cousin of mine struggle tremendously through his teens, the work your organization does means a great deal to me.

Again, I am truly sorry for what I wrote and hope you accept my apology.