Tuesday, June 20, 2006

sweet cheeses!! what the hell is that?

upon further reflection, i have decided to remove this post and replace it with a version that still reflects the reasons for keeping it that i gave in a comment on the other post:

-This blog is a reflection and record of me. Though I may not want to be remembered by this, it's a part of my history.
-Though I haven't written like this lately, this blog has been a way for me to try out different writing styles. This was like many of my posts of old as I try to figure out how many different ways I could say the same thing.

but without using a specific person as the prop.

the new version will be appearing shortly.


  1. ummm. peeing in my pants from laughing...

    "she makes corky sound like jfk..."

    loyd, you are made out of a little bit of heaven.

  2. Although this post was admittedly funny I was still a little sad to read it because I really like Mary Kaye Huntsman. I had a brief encounter with her last 4th of July, and even though my first impression was similar to yours (droopy, leathery skin from too much tanning and a blank deer in the headlights expression,) I left impressed. Not everyone is blessed with brains and beauty but there’s something to be said for those who’ve developed compassion.

  3. becca, i had two qualms about writing my piece. first, i guess there is a possibility that she had some inhumane disfiguring disease as a child, or perhaps a disheartening face-on accident with a lawn mower. i think it might be wrong to openly make fun of such people.

    second, i thought perhaps that while she may be hideously ugly on the outside, she may be beautiful on the inside. however, i don't think this is possible. i've often been told that if one is beautiful on the inside, it will radiate through to the outside. unless her leathery hide is composed of pure lead, there must not be too much radiation going on inside... of course, i guess there is a possibility that she is dense enough to block it.

  4. yeah yeah, I think she's nice.

    By the way, this is how just about every cookie-cutter hottie (you know, bleach blonde, fake tan, too much makeup) is going to look when they're older so if it really offends you that much you'd better be careful.

  5. While I don't always agree with your stands on the issues I've always respected your commitment to the principals you believe in and your sense of charity... I can't help but wonder where your sense of charity goes when you launch a pretty viscious attack on an individual because of their appearance...

  6. While reading your comments about Mrs. Huntsman my first impression was this: WHAT MISERY the writer must live. What type of mind allows itself to travel down paths of psychology like this path? And when it does...what HELL it must be to be this willing to hurt and mame another.
    I wonder if the writer knows that negativity is like a grendade. When it goes off it not only hurts the person it is aimed at...it hurts the people around that person.
    Today the author of this blog has not only hurt Mrs. Huntsman (I hope she never reads this diareah) but also those around her.
    She has children. She has a mother and a father. She represents young people with Downs Syndrom. ...People who would be hurt by your making fun of CORKY.
    KARMA is a very real, very exacting, very powerful reality of our universe. Loyd...I sincerely hope you cease to engage and encourage this type of grenade-like negativity and emotional violence. If you do not...a karmic grenade will blow up in your own face...and perhaps even get on the ones you love as well.
    STOP IT. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Until you can do that...stop posting other references to religion on your web site. Unless you're ok with hipocracy too.

  7. In researching you Loyd, I see you have the gifts of writing. I see you just go an award for writing on ethics and values. Now I challenge you to use your gift to lift others...not tearing others down.
    Until you do that, you are sick. Get well...and get on with kindness.

  8. This is about as filthy as political commentary gets. what a shameless assault on another human being who uses time and resources to help others. The "ethics and values" prize winner from UVSC certainly proves the point that strangeness and hypocracy reside comfortably together in a community college philosophy department. Mr. Ericson, have your wife and parents read your hateful discharge that one writer claims is "heavenly" enough to cause the failure of routine bodily funtions? How pathetic.

  9. Dear Loyd Ericson,

    someone forwarded your generous comments about me featured recently on your blog. My initial response was one of sadness until I realized how I have spent the last two years of my life - engaged in lifting those carrying some element of grief or an additional burden in life (www.powerinyou.org). Our family has been attacked and caricatured throughout our political lives (although never with the poison and vile you delivered) so my "leathery skin" can withstand it. But interestingly, you have given me new fodder for my program.
    That is, focusing more on the ways in which words pierce the soul and can be particularly painful for those not of such leathery skin.
    your blog will be a welcome addition to my presentation to schools throughout this great state during the coming academic year. In fact, I will be sure to credit your contribution when next I speak at UVSC in Sept/Oct. The ethics department (much respected, I might add) has asked for a presentation.

    Mary Kaye Huntsman

  10. wow. who are all these people that are such bleeding hearts for mkh? i guess if you have enough money, you can use your name for 'GOOD', but only with handicapped people. god forbid she recognize how evil the system is that got her where she is.

    quite frankly loyd, i like the idea of all these people calling you a hypocrite for making fun of mk. we all know that every single one of these people totally doesn't cross to the other side of the street when they see a shady character, or make any type of judgments based on appearance.

    i'm glad that mkh has enough free time to share her 'talents'(?) with the world. the rest of us have fucking bills to pay. i still love you, and stand by my post that the whole thing was damn hilarious.

  11. I don't even know you, but after reading this blog...I so wish I had the pleasure!!! Becca told me to come read your Blog and since I do everything she tells me to, I did. I have to tell you I almost peed my pants and fell off the bed laughing!! After my last post, saying I had no idea if she was ugly, I googled the unfortunate soul. I was shocked when the face appeared before me; shocked that the American public had been exposed to such a tragedy.

    Perhaps she really is a Mary Kay product gone bad. It looked as if she had taken some huge butter knife and applied red frosting to her lips. I hope she never kisses anyone, it might truly be a permanent application.

    I thought your post was hilarious and merely a representation of your thoughts as to what you had been exposed to on Prime Time television. I was shocked to merely see her picture on a website. I thought, "What is society coming to? Have we really no one left to represent any of us?" I mean I've always thought if you had money and you looked like that, well...WOW!!! I mean she does try to dress nicely, so I'm quite certain she's not giving the money to the poor...maybe it should go to something like a facial reconstruction?? Just my 2 cents. I also wondered why her ears were lop-sided. If you're reading Mrs. Huntsman, some words of advice: 1. Lay off the bleach. You are not 20 or 30 and we all know it. You don't need to try and hide your ugly roots. 2. NO MORE SUN TANNING FOR YOU. Leather is not pretty on humans; we like it on our furnitue, not on the people we might see on TV or public for that matter. 3. Facial reconstruction probably costs a lot less than all of the makeup you purchase in a week.

    Anonymous..my words of advice for you are even though she is paying you for your service..we all have eyes and we can plainly see that she is ugly. I say we take a poll. I also do not think this blogger is MISERABLE and living in HELL because of his comments in the post. Sounds like you might be though? How is it down there?

    I've always heard that Mormons don't believe in Karma, am I wrong? Or is this Mormon giving us all a bad name? Going off the deep end, etc?

    If you didn't want your pal, Mrs. Huntsman, to read this blog and be saddened by it...why in the world did you forward it to her? I dare say you do not live to shield her from the daily ridicule she must certainly face.

    "STOP IT. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Until you can do that...stop posting other references to religion on your web site. Unless you're ok with hipocracy too."

    IS THIS PERSON IN THE LOONY BIN??? Does she think she has now become the God of your own personal blog? Thou shalt not read this blog ever again, as you definately cannot handle anything more than a fantasy land. For being so Holier than thou, she certainly is judgemental. Then she has the audacity to give you a challenge!!!! If you don't complete her request, you are sick....I am laughing so hard. What planet does she live on? Has she ever heard of Earth??

    I also had to laugh that it "caused Mrs. Huntsman sadness until she realized...". Funny. It took this for her to realize her accomplishments. I think a thank you letter is in order. However, I was relieved to hear that her leather skin helped her wither the storm of your blog...

    I think I have the best idea yet! How about having Loyd introduce you at your next UVSC speaking assignment. Perhaps he can just hold up a picture and say, "Enough said! Run while you still can!" I will definately attend.

  12. Newengrl must have some real self esteem problems. I would like to see a pic of her so i can pee my pants and fall off my bed.

  13. This is quality discussion! I love the personal attacks all these anonymous people dish out while trying to reprimand Loyd for doing the same thing. At least this Loyd fella stands in front of what he is saying, rather than hiding behind anonymity.
    As far as MKH's looks go, I'll reserve judgment. But I will say that if she spent half as much time "representing young people with downs syndrome" as she does in the tanning bed and at the makeup counter, people with downs would be a lot better off.
    And what does it mean to "represent" people with downs syndrome? Is she their lawyer? Is she their spokesperson? Is some horrible organization trying to eradicate people with downs syndrome?
    All I'm saying is there are definitely more pressing issues in the world that she could dedicate time to. Why downs syndrome? The only less controversial cause to take up would be the Utahns Against Dying Puppies Association (UADPA.)
    C'mon Mary Kaye, get out of the tanning bed and take a stance on something.

  14. Now to tell you the truth. I find this these pictures of MKH to be very real of what I see everyday when I lived in Utah. Thank goodness I got out. I'll explain.

    The fight for beauty and vanity is very real in Utah. Many women spend countless hours at tanning salons and putting on makeup. To me, a large part of these leather skinned grannies, come from a feeling of either (now I am not saying all people but a large majority) vanity, or trying to feel "in".

    I went to a highschool in the salt lake valley. It's sad cause a large majority of the girls in that school spent much time tanning. I used to ask myself, why? Then I see the mothers. Now I am going to be very vague as I can be, but have you ever driven through the neighborhoods of "Pepperwood" and a lot of south mountain during the day? Or visited a ward in the south east side of salt lake county? I like to call it the Motherhood of the well baked ones.

    These sights are caused by a determination to create what they feel is beauty. I must admit. I once had fallen for a well "leathered one" at one time. Getting to know her, she was a really nice person, but vanity was a huge part of her life. And I am sorry to say but a large part of utah woman (and some metro sexual men) have a feeling of need to be "in". And they create beauty by other means. One thing I love is the Mona Lisa by Da vinci. Simple and elegant. And that painting stands as symbol of beauty to this day.

    Mothers, your daughters follow your paths. And daughters, mothers try following your path and they screw things up terribly sometimes. And I am very happy to say the one that I care about the most, isn't well leathered, she's naturally brown. I must say, if your just albino, your albino, you can't all be a brown girl. HA! SUCKERS!

    (I am going to post this on the other comment too)

    Reprimanding and bashing is so much fun. Kiss it douchbags! It's all just a little sense of humor and not reflection of the true nature of those. You don't see Charles Schultz calling all big headed kids that were yellow and black block heads do you? Cause I would be one. Enjoy life some more and learn to laugh. Oh and how much botox is still natural? Um, none....