Sunday, July 16, 2006

sunstone symposium august 9-12 (updated again)

i decided that my last post was way too long with the list. so here it is again, minus the list. download the program and check it out. there is something for everyone.

the preliminary program for the 2006 sunstone symposium is now available. you can download it here.

it will be held august 10-12 (thurs-sat) at the salt lake sheraton hotel. as i've mentioned before, i've been one of the youngest attendees the last couple years, and so this year i want to get a large group of college students to attend. i think it'd be also fun to get a bunch of the happy valley/college bloggers together for dinner one of the nights.

as expected, they planned a lot of the sessions i wanted to attend, so much of it will probably be a game time decision. if you are planning on attending or have any questions, feel free to comment.


  1. ----another edit----

    if you are planning on attending (or even if not), put a plug and link to the program on your blog. i really want to get some good college attendence.


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