Monday, October 16, 2006

dear anonymous cowards

i have refrained from turning anonymous commenting off to allow friends and family without blogger accounts to leave comments. i have not left it on for you pathetic cowards to leave your personal attacks and hollow criticisms under the guise of anonymity. stop. seriously. enough of the drive-by insults. if you have something to say, grow some balls and leave a name. if you have a criticism, give it some context. otherwise, shut up.


  1. HA HA HA! YOU SUCK LOYDO! YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO I AM HA HA HA! My balls are grown, but I drive by the insult with my 9! This is the danger of posting on blogs while drunk.

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  3. Which anonymous comment sent you off the edge this time?

  4. maggie:

    my recent general conference post and some others.

  5. Why does it matter so much to you to have a name. It's not like "narrator," "big head bob", "lucy" is going to give you much more information.

    I'm a little upset with you being lazy and idling your time away. I can use your help here with your nephews. I'd appreciate your love and support on days when I'm not feeding you dinner and being tortured through another cities and knights game.

    For all those who think the narrator is evil, it's a fascade. He comes over to my house and plays with my kids. He prays with them before their bedtime. He sits through all my taunting and verbal abuse I give him. Occasionally we have warm and fuzzy conversations. He's very thoughtful of others. He'll make a good husband and father.

  6. lucy:

    with even a pseudonym, one can go through at assume to a certain degree that 'the narrator' 'bigheadbob' 'lucy' 'johhny' 'steve m.' 'silent observer' and etc are the same persons by those names who go on other posts and comment with the same pseudonym, blog there own post with their own pseudonyms, and other items online. while the names may not reveal who the commentor is in reality, it at leaves provides a tracable name tied to other comments and posts.

    thanks for the compliments. yeah, i'm an awesome uncle.

  7. I'd rather be anonymous than a low-life, uneducated, mean-spirited, jerk off, jack ass!

  8. Has it ever struck anyone else as strange that although blogs were basically created to share opinions/vent, Loyd has gotten in trouble with with all levels of governement and society for doing just that??

    My hell people, get lives. How does something he says piss you off THAT much? How does someone think it's acceptable that he should be FIRED for saying negative things about a public figure on his blog--I'm pretty sure Bush is the most commmon blog target, and he isn't running around firing people. Loyd is a PRIVATE CITIZEN people and he can say whatever the hell he wants. Stop visiting his site if you don't want to read what he has to say! you seem like masochists.



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