Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i'm the new awesome

i've been a bit busy lately (partly classes, partly teaching, partly studying for the gre, and partly prepping for the ethics bowl, but mostly playing playstion, being lazy, and stuff). so i haven't posted anything new lately.

but, luckily connor has taken up the challenge to blog about me. you can read it here. i'm really not exactly sure what i did to deserve this sudden ban. i thought that i've been good lately and that we were actually getting along. my most recent comments have been quite tame and dealing directly with his posts.

oh yeah, one of my sexy pics is on his post as well.


  1. wow! He blocked you! You must really be getting to people! Does this mean he wont let you be on sustain'd too?

  2. No, I won't block him on Sustain'd. Unless he gives me good reason to. :)

  3. Wow Loyd, people just keep heaping on the honors. A curse and now this.

    I wonder if Connor thinks that using big words proves that he's not, in fact, an idiot? I'm of the belief that even idiots can use a thesaurus.

    I also wonder where he gets off commenting on your blog right after he blocked you from his.

  4. Connor runs his blogs with an iron fist.

  5. well he's now lost any pre existing respect he might have had...

    Hell sometimes i don't agree with you but ive never felt that you were a dark cloud?

  6. Connor is just not being neighborly. It reminds me of when Brigham Young took a "liking" to his neighbor's wife. Brigham went over to the man's house and claimed her as his own wife. Brigham said, "This woman is now mine, you can go find another."
    Just another chapter of Mormon history to think about. Cant we all just get along?

  7. That's awesome! congratulations


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