Saturday, January 27, 2007

most eventful week ever

this week has been... well... an eventful one. on sunday morning i never thought i'd have seen and experienced what i have so far.

here's the short version:

-let's just call it sunday for now

-profound religious experience (see previous post)
-i mean huge
-one of the best mornings in a long time

-consider waiting until spring '08 to begin grad school, to allow me to better prepare for gre and pad my vita
-step 1 part 1 accomplished following monday's enlightenment

-step 1 part 2 accomplished
-step 2 accomplished. i once thought i'd never see this day.
-uber excited

-drive to go snowboarding. forget gloves.
-instead i hang out with najib. another life changing experience.

-find out i'm flying to claremont for a religious studies conference in two weeks
-also discover that the application dates for claremont have changed. now i will have to wait for spring.
- also, end up in a $1.5 million dollar mansion in salt lake, listening to the tale of a lady who's father was an assassinated former kgb agent. somehow she ended up in utah in an unhappy marriage. she was kidnapped by a meth nut and had her 6 month fetus cut out of her with a small saw, her husband messed up the investigation into the event which later freed the guy. while trying to enact her revenge, she was picked up by the police to act as an undercover agent against the meth guy. later she is used by the fbi to infiltrate a biker gang. the biker gang discovered her realy identity and had a hitman sent on her to try to kill her. her fbi contact disappeared and failed to pay. later she found out that the hitman was really in love with her and just wanted to talk to her, which was a good thing because he saved her from 3 rival neo-nazi gangs in salt lake.
-decided that i'm possibly willing to believe the story up until her encounter with the meth guy. everything after that is probably best explained with drugs and maybe post-traumatic stress syndrome.

-it hasn't happened yet. however, i'm attending an iraq war protest at 2pm. i'm on a role. it's bound to be good.

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