Monday, February 05, 2007

day 24

Almost one week out of the coffin and I feel reborn. I’m still no triceratops, werewolf, or astronaut, but so far I’ve been a snowboarder, rock climber, ukuleist, and house cleaner. Each morning I wake up. Each waking is a new life. Each life is a moment to embrace and explore the possibilities.

I’ve considered traveling, going off to a foreign land, and exploring the unknown. However, this last month I’ve realized that there is so much of the world right around me that I’ve never seen. The short distance to the bus stop reveals a world that would take a lifetime to explore. Graffiti depicting everything from names to sex organs seem to dot every sign, railing, sidewalk, post, and curb. Some come in full color, others in monochrome. Some are etched; others will wash away with the next snowfall. Each have an author telling a story. The wildlife is no different. Birds of every shape and color, insects large and small, dogs of every size, cats of every shade, mice, worms, and squirrels. I’ve seen proof of raccoons, but have yet to see one. I’m sure the time will come.

Back at home, my apartment is nearly spotless. If you had known me before, you wouldn’t believe I lived here. No longer do clothes drape my chairs and cover the floor. The bookshelves lack the characteristic stack of unopened envelopes. The build up of dust is gone. Dishes are clean. The carpet has been vacuumed and shampooed. The tile scrubbed. Windows and mirrors are clear. Books are put away. DVDs are stored in their cases. The bathroom is spotless.

I must admit that cleaning has become a little easier. I rarely use the kitchen anymore. Last night I ate Thai in a small six-tabled restaurant. Evil Chicken. Yes, very evil. My face burned red as my eyes swelled up with tears. Hot, very hot. The night before was a pastrami sandwich on rye at a small mom and pop restaurant off the corner of State and Center. Before that was some lupulu, lau lau, and kalua pig at Sweet’s Island Place. Before that, a shredded beef burrito at La Casita Blanca. I think it means little white house.

Why travel far?

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