Tuesday, March 13, 2007

about seattle

in lieu of my friend's trip to seattle for a wedding (not her's), i thought i'd share my story of seattle.

i flew to seattle 6 years ago for my best friend's wedding. i was the best man, which basically meant i got to where a tuxedo and help clean up after the reception while he and his new wife had sex in the dressing room.

when i got home, i thought i was also supposed to get married. it seemed to be the in thing that year (as it is every year in happy valley). i was soon pseudo-engaged to the girl i was dating at the time.

we started ring shopping and i was talking to her folks to get permission to transfer the possesion of her from her father to me. during that time, i discovered that she didn't like to keep score when we played scrabble, so i broke up with her. ok, there were other things too... among them, the realization that i didn't enjoy being around her. a good reason to break things off, i think. i was scared she was going to kill herself (also found out she hadserious issues with clinical depression). luckily, she only cut herself up some.

a week later, i was booked into the utah county jail for completely unrelated reasons.

on the bright side, i remember that seattle was really green - compared to the drab brown of utah.

that is my story of seattle. do not let it happen to you.


  1. You never cease to make me chuckle.


  2. Man, I'm glad that Kelly keeps score at scrabble.


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