Saturday, March 17, 2007

two poems

the darkside

two 5 year olds playing
starwars. one light skinned
with blonde hair.
the other dark skinned
with black hair.
both side of the force
waging an imaginary battle.
accompanied by laughter,
plastic lightsabers playfully swing
at the other, intentionally
avoiding contact. secretly
i wish one would hit
the other and make him cry.


messages written,
but never sent. stored away
for a day that may never come.
hidden feelings and emotions
that stay hidden.
december second, eight a.m.
i woke up and you weren't there.
i tried wrapping my arm
around a pillow,
but it didn't help.
december fifteenth, twelve thirty.
i guess you are either still out
or forgot to call. i just wanted to say
goodnight. if you're still out
give me a call
when you get back. else,
sweet dreams.
january eleventh, six p.m.
i miss you.
february tweny-sixth, one a.m.
thanks for being you.

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