Wednesday, April 25, 2007

krispy kreme finals

as i walked into the classroom today, i made the announcement.

"i decided that we weren't going to have any final exam today. instead we're just going to eat some donuts and chill for a while."

i watched their stress disappear and a gleam of excitement shine from their eyes. their straight mouths curled up into smiles. cheers and raised hands filled the room.

"just kidding. haha!"

the stress returned, their eyes turned gray, and their smiles flattened.

it felt great.


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  1. I had a teacher offer to cancel our final once. It was a really hard econ class, and a few weeks before exams my professor said something like, "Hey, how about for our final, we just get together at my house and watch BYU at the Vegas Bowl." He was dead serious, too. Talk about awesome! I was thrilled.

    You know what kind of geeky major you're in when someone raises his hand to complain about that proposal. Yep, someone really did, and then three-fourths of the class followed suit. They WANTED a final. Apparently it's a "good learning experience" and they would "appreciate having some incentive to really get down and learn the material." Weirdos.


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