Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i am. am i?

i am enigma even to myself.

i am uncomfortably content with the uncertainty and contradictions with which i live.

i am a rebel for the sake of dissent.

i am a wannabe revolutionary without a gun.

i am a peacemaker sowing seeds of contention.

i am a pseudo-intellectual in search of wisdom.

i am unaware of my ignorance.

i am a believer who questions his surroundings.

i am a skeptic who doubts with his faith.

i am the author of my future.

i am the editor of my past.

i am a disciple of the sun.

i am a wanderer of the night.

i am my worst enemy.

i am my best ally.

i am reader.

i am a writer.

i am my subjective will.

i am your objective judge.

i am i.

am i?


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