Friday, May 18, 2007

teach me to hate

the knife with which she stabbed me in my back became the flower in her hair.

he taught me to forgive.
he taught me to pray for those who have hurt me.
he taught me to love.
he taught me the easy things.

i close my eyes and try to remember the pain.
i can only remember the healing.
the darkest moments replaced by the brightest days.
the bullet to the head becomes the whisper in the ear.
distance coalesces to intimacy.
fear turns to hope.
blood turns to wine.
frowns turn to smiles.
tears dry up.
angers subside.

teach me to remember and resent.
teach me to curse those who have left me bleeding.
teach me to hate.
teach me what's most difficult.


  1. Ya know what I hate? BAD POETRY.

  2. Hey buddy why don’t you learn how to use constructive criticism instead of just being an asshole

    Loyd, I adore you and your poetry.


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