Monday, October 15, 2007

billy wanted to destroy the world

billy wanted to destroy the world. not the planet. not the earth. just the people on it. billy wasn't a terrorist though. a terrorist creates terror. billy didn't wanted to terrorize. he didn't want to create fear. billy's plan wasn't to do any of those things. for that reason, billy needed to destroy the whole world. there would be no warning. there would be no threats. no, billy would destroy it all at once. at one moment there would be the world, and then there would be none. mothers would be mothering. bankers would be banking. and truckers would be trucking. billy was eleven years old and if he had his way, in a flash they would all be gone.

but billy didn't really want to destroy the world. it was a means to an end. billy didn't hate people. in fact, billy didn't hate anyone at all. billy loved people. it was god who billy wanted to destroy. billy wanted to storm heaven, knock god off his leather chair, and cause god to spill his bourbon across his beige smoking jacket. but billy was eleven and eleven years old boys don't have the means to build towers to heaven. billy didn't have the resources of babylon. but billy knew god's weakness. he knew the secret to god's demise. billy learned that whatever he did to others he did to god. by destroying the world, billy could destroy god.

so tonight, billy sleeps with a smile. in his dreams he is plotting and planning. he is charting blueprints and drawing schematics. in the morning billy's parents will tell him that if he puts his mind to it he could achieve anything. so billy will invest all his mental energies into reaching his goal. and someday, god-willing, billy will succeed.

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