Thursday, October 11, 2007

alpine ridge

after hearing the disheartening news that my car was a total loss, i decided to throw my bike onto the back of my rental and head up the mountains.

with a perfect circle accompanying on my ipod, the short six mile ride was a blast. while the high altitude left me a little breathless occasionally and the melting snow and horse tracks made for some occasional patches of slippery downhills and untractable climbs, the view and the final downhill made it all worth it.

if something happens to my bike, i'm going to kill myself. it's the only thing that hasn't left me.


  1. Drool.....another one of my favorite rides near the Provo area. I especially loved that trail because some of it crosses territory where my family would go deer and elk hunting when I was younger. Beautiful scenery. Man, this is cruel Loyd. 7 more months and I'll be back west permanently, enjoying the mountains. Oh, by the way, are those profile shots of your bike for me? So kind!

  2. I used to feel that way about my car.

  3. Oh! I miss Utah! Mountains! Fall! Here last night it was 71 degrees at 11pm!


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