Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i saw lindsey lohan at borders tonight. and i didn't care.

i didn't even realize she was there until i got up from studying to get a drink and saw her in line in front of me getting a coffee. my only thoughts were. 'oh it's lindey lohan. she's short. and she's blonde. i hope she doesn't hit my rental when she leaves.'

i then decided to get a drink from the water fountain instead and returned to studying.

i felt like the stranger's mersault with his ambivalence toward the world. perhap's it was the pensive state i was in after an overcompensatory amount of caffeine to counter my enervated state. or perhaps an alcoholic slut was nothing to get excited about.


  1. Borders must be quite the place for the rich and famous to hang out. Once I met country singer Keith Urban there.

  2. And by there, I mean the one in Provo.

  3. i wouldn't even recognize keith urban


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