Thursday, October 25, 2007

will you say that you are the friends of god?

"You have the words of eternal life in your possession. What next? Take your own philosophy; if I am organized and capacitated to receive this glory and this exaltation, I must be the friend of Him who has brought me forth and instituted this exaltation for me; I must not be His enemy at any time. Again, you say, "we are organized to become Gods, even sons of God; to act independently." You expect to see the time when you will have at your control worlds on worlds, if your existence endures. . . . "Now," say you, "we are to have kingdoms, thrones, principalities, powers, dominions, &c." Can you read it in this book? This is the Old and New Testament, which you and I were taught, from our youth, to believe is the word of God. If I am to receive these blessings I will be an independent character, like those who dwell in eternity. If this is the case, let me pause for a moment and use my own natural philosophy. How can I prove myself the friend of God, who has placed all this glory within my reach, unless His influences are withdrawn from me, to see whether or not I will be His friend? At the time when you receive the greatest blessings by the manifestations of the power and Spirit of God, immediately the Lord may leave you to yourselves, that you may prove yourselves worthy of this exaltation. Multitudes, on the right hand and on the left, when this Spirit and power are withdrawn from them, sink into unbelief, and do not know whether there is a God, or not. Ask them, "What did you realize and experience yesterday?" The reply is, "I do not know anything about it. I can see this house, I can see the sun I can see men and women, but I can say no more." "Do you believe what you believed yesterday?" "I do not know."

"Do all people realize that? If they did, let me tell you, they would cling fast to their integrity. When the mind of a righteous man is beclouded by darkness, when he does not know the first thing about the religion he believes in, it is because the vail is dropped so that he may act on the organization of his own individual person, which is calculated to be as independent as the Gods, in the end. When you are fully aware of this, then you are ready to lay down your lives for the cause of God and for His people, if you act on your own integrity and philosophy.

"One of the greatest trials that ever came on the Son of God when he was in the flesh, upon that man whom we hold as our Saviour, was when the mob had him in their possession. They spit on him, scourged him, mocked him, and made a wreath of thorns and placed it upon his head, (and I will insure that it was so placed on his head as to cause the blood to start) and said to him, "Here is your cross, you poor, worthless scamp, take and carry it on to that hill, for there we are going to nail you to it." How would you feel in such a time, and at that very hour and moment when this tabernacle suffers, should the Father then withdraw Himself and say, "Now, my son, I will see whether you will prove yourself worthy or not." Did he walk up the hill? He did, and carried the cross until he fainted under it; then they took it and went on, and he submitted patiently to the will of his Father.

"Will you submit patiently to the will of your Father in the hour of darkness? Will you say that you are the friends of God?"

-Brigham Young,
Journal of Discourses, 4:199-200


  1. Wow. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

  2. Excellent. I think I'll use that. Thank you.

  3. Very interesting perspective, situation, and timing.... Great quote... Definitely worth expanding the discussion on this...


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