Friday, May 16, 2008

the politically correct rewriting of my previous post

how detrimental and counter-productive to our democratic process is an uneducated and/or ignorantly biased (racist, xenophobic, religiously intolerant, etc) electorate?

for example, in west virginia where a majority of democratic primary voters did not have a college education, 70% of them approved of the gas tax holiday - which was universally rejected by experts as political pandering which would prove detrimental to our economy if actually put into effect.

also in west virginia, a significant number of white voters openly acknowledged that race was an important factor in helping them select their candidate (of which 85% voted for the white candidate).

in the 2008 primaries race wasn't the only prejudice that candidates had to deal with. clinton's gender, mccain's age, and romney's mormonism (and possibly kucinich's encounter with a ufo) were also ignorant biases that the candidates have had to overcome - though i think the latter two do have some understandable objections to.


  1. Do we live in a world where voters can't have opinions without them being biases? If I don't want to vote for a guy who saw a UFO, does that make me biased (in a negative, uninformed connotation)? What if I don't want to vote for a candidate that cheats on their spouse, does that make me some type of "-ist" as well? Is it really wrong that most Americans would feel uncomfortable voting for a Scientologist, or perhaps could the population be on to something?--legitimate concerns.

  2. lol. When I read your last post, I thought, "Loyd must be the last intelligent person in America who doesn't care about being PC."
    And here we go....

  3. Mars - ask any open minded liberal out there, you have the right to any opinion as long as its theirs. just ask them, they will be happy to tell you what to think. now drink some more obama kool-aid and everything will be just perfect.

  4. mars, as i wrote in my post, some of these biases are understandable. however, if you will not vote for someone because of their race or sex, then you are a racist and/or sexist.

  5. the other day we were sitting around the table playing a game when we got to talking about race. The question was posed "would you date a black person?" Someone very wise said, people are people suggesting that it doesn't matter what race a person is. I really liked that. I did know a really, really hot, intelligent, black guy I wish I had dated. And I'm glad I did because I know I'm not completely biased (he was hot, I guess if he wasn't I wouldn't of been interested). It would be nice if people based their judgments and made decisions on more important things besides the color of skin or religious background, or how hot a person is, but once again people are people. Some of us learn to be biased and racist and we pass it on. It doesn't help that the poor don't have the best education and get stuck with not knowing any better. And others are just mean, prideful, hateful.

    you have been blogging a lot about obama lately? Nothing else going on? I guess it's better than blogging about religion all the time. How about some variety? I guess I don't do much of that myself? I can't talk much.

  6. Secret Ballots May End in Union Elections If Obama Becomes President:

    How would you like elections without secret ballots? To most people, the notion of getting rid of secret ballots is absurd. This is modern-day America. Such an idea could not be seriously considered, right?

    People support secret balloting for very obvious reasons. Politics frequently generates hot tempers. People can put up yard signs or wear political buttons if they want. But not everyone feels comfortable making his or her political positions public. Many would rather vote without fearing that their choice will offend or anger someone else.

    Secret balloting has solved another potential problem: vote buying, which they essentially ended in U.S. elections. After all, why pay people if you couldn't be sure how they voted?

    But if Barack Obama becomes president, secret ballots seem destined to end for at least one type of election: union certifications.

    Currently, when 50 percent of workers in a company sign statements to unionize, that merely sets up a second stage, where workers vote by secret ballot to determine if the company would be unionized. Under the new proposal, using a system called “Card Check,” unionization would occur as soon as half the workers had signed cards stating that they favor union representation.

    In other words, up until now, a worker could placate union supporters and sign a statement saying that he wanted a union and then vote against the union when he was protected by the secrecy of the voting booth.

    While the Bush administration promised to veto the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act,” Obama has made his feelings about the legislation very clear. Last year, Obama promised, “We will pass the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s not a matter of 'if'; it’s a matter of 'when.' We may have to wait for the next president to sign it, but we will get this thing done.”
    the article goes on but i'm already excited to vote for an elitist who's ready to talk/associate with known terrorists. the same guy who is so oblivious to what his own people are doing - telling Canada something different / meeting with hamas the international recognized terror group / spewing black liberation hate from the pulpit for 20 years / rezco / weather underground etc. - should be great for our country. that way when this country goes to hell he can simply smile, say he didn't know his cabinet as well as he thought he did, tell us all that hope and change are coming, then he'll have time to finish his waffle.


    John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama were walking down a Washington DC street when they came upon a homeless man.

    John McCain, gave the man his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the man.

    Hillary was very impressed, so when they came upon another homeless person, she decided to help. She walked over to him and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into John McCain's pocket and got out $20. She kept $15 for her administrative fees and gave the homeless man $5.

    When they came upon yet another homeless person, Barak told him to "have hope ... change is coming ..." and gave him nothing.

    Now do you understand the difference?

  8. These last two anonymous comments were worthless. Anon, congratulations on learning how to copy and paste internet material. That second joke, "The Difference" is laughable. First off, spell Sen. Obama's name correctly, it is Barack, not Barak. Second off, if McCain were to actually give poor people money, it would be from his sugar momma of a rich wife. But, in reality, he would probably tell the homeless man, "I will give you twenty dollars out of my pocket." At this point the homeless man would smile, and wait. He'd then say, "McCain, where is that twenty dollars you said you'd give me?" Johnny Mac would then reply, "I have no recollection of ever making such a statement."

  9. here's the difference:

    anonymous ignorant coward walks into a wall, nearly knocking himself out.

    anonymous retarded coward sees the first coward, also walks into a wall, and then sticks his thumb in his butt.

  10. then narrator sees both anon's walks into wall then wants to raise taxes so they can form a coalition to study the reason the wall hates him and give the wall diversity training. he will then begin a dialog with the wall to see what they can do in the future to make sure such an event doesn't happen again. when the wall does not respond the way the narrator wants he will call the wall a retarded, racist bigot.
    h2oetry: everyone, even the great narrator copies and pastes - why re-write an article when it is good enough as is??? got a question for you - if baraCk is willing to take away secret ballots here, what is to say he wouldn't else where?
    everyone has spelling mistakes - even you. to say other wise proves how retarded you are. you know, to take a page from the liberal play book, i am offended that you expect me to have perfect spelling all the time. why can't you be more understanding of people and just except me the way i am? my spelling errors are a product of my poor schooling. it is my teachers fault, not mine - you should blame them. i should not be held accountable for anything i do, we need to have a dialog about this because i am holding on to hope that change is coming. wait i think baraCk said i cling to religion and guns ... i can not remember would someone in the liberal hierarchy tell me what i am supposed to be thinking right now?

  11. blah blah blah more standard responses that have repeatedly been given to the ignorant far-right talking points blah blah blah

    you're boring. go read a newspaper. read a book. get an education.

  12. i have an MBA thank you

  13. anony spends a lot of time here, I'm wondering if he can go get a real job with that MBA of his.

  14. I teach at a local community college.

  15. according to your site you want a sister in law for the narrator. one of his pluses is that he will be a professor one day. so i guess you could say that is a real job.

  16. Questions for Anony
    what local community college is this?
    what subject do you teach?
    do you have a family?

  17. I thought they just sat around, played team-oriented games, and traded business cards in business school.

  18. Who is this Lucy loser? Does she have a life- AT ALL? Or is the poor thing married to the racist Narrator? Why else would she hang around here all day long kissing his ignorant ass?

  19. EWWWW, so nasty and tasteless

  20. Barack Obama is getting called out again for his knowledge of history, including his own family’s, after declaring to veterans on Memorial Day that his uncle helped liberate the Auschwitz death camp at the end of World War II.

    Two problems with the tale: Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet Army, and Obama’s American mother was an only child.
    can not wait for this blow hard to be president.

    for the other anon lucy is the narrators sister-in-law.

  21. Loyd, still throwing around the word 'retard'? *scratches head in disbelief*
    As for the political banter that makes up these comments, I have just a few thoughts I wanted to throw out there. First of all, I find it very, very frustrating that people in this nation refuse to vote for Obama because of his race, or his religion of birth-even though he is now a devout Christian. This country is so full of bigots, it's sad. By saying this I am not implying that I want to vote for Barack. The reasons why I won't vote for him stem strictly from his voting record in the senate. I disagree with many, many points in his platform and with his voting record.
    Second, I don't care that he doesn't have so called political experience. I seem to remember another senator from Illinois that didn't have a ton of experience who went on to become one of this nation's greatest presidents-Abraham Lincoln. As for his lack of experience, I see that as a plus in this election. Do we want the same old tired, stale politics that keep driving this country further and further into trouble? I am so sick and tired of the bi-partisan political crap that blocks and impedes our country from accomplishing things of value. When one party presents a good, helpful plan the other will shoot it down strictly because it is not their own. They only want to pass bills that make their party look good. SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! This goes for both parties- republicans and democrats.
    Third, as I mentioned before, I won't vote for Barack because of his extremely liberal voting record and platform. One of the anons pointed out his goal of eliminating secret voting with the unions. That is an excellent example of why I disagree with him.
    Last point, instead of attacking anonymous because of his differing beliefs, try and state why you disagree with his/her points. Also, anon, try publishing your name so as to be taken more seriously. Loyd, I would like to see you seriously respond to anons criticisms of Barack instead of acting so childish and brushing him/her off.

  22. Oh, one last thing is regarding the ignorant and their ability to vote. After living in Baltimore for the past four years, I have seen first hand the effect of uneducated voting. (Before I explain, let me state that I in no way condone limiting voting to the educated only) The previous governor of Maryland (Ehrlich) was very successful at balancing the budget, improving schools, reducing crime, etc. etc. etc. At election time two years ago, the challenging governor was mayor of Baltimore city (O'Malley), and quite frankly ran the city deeper into debt, crime and problems. During his election he made all sorts of promises of 'money for all' 'health care for all' and a few other outlandish claims that could not ever be accomplished. The challenger won the election because of the overwhelming uneducated population that wanted to continue their ways on welfare and government support. Since that election, the former mayor, now governor, has run the state back into debt and has drawn the ire of many even within his own party for his lack of progress. It is so sad that the previous governor was ousted even after a very succesful term in office simply because the ignorant inner city trash didn't want to work for a living. So, in short, a big problem we face in this country is the ignorant, backwoods rednecks that will only vote with their emotions without ever researching the issues or the platforms. And we have the problems of the ignorant, inner city welfare dependents that will vote into office whoever will give them more government money and support. My question for all is how do we overcome that disabling voter group without limiting voting rights to the educated only?

  23. thanks Anony! didn't think that was you

  24. anonymous coward,

    obama made a mistake. his uncle (his grandmother's brother) helped free captives in a buchewald camp, not auschwitz.


    i use 'retard' where it's appropriate. i aptly replied to anony's imagionary story with another imagionary story. as far as the secret union balloting goes, i don't really know much about them (as i'm sure neither do you), so i can't really comment on them much. all i really know is that secret balloting is usually opposed by those who are against unionization of workers (as well the contrapositive of this). As I tend to usually support unionization (even though it ruined a few of my favorite television series), until I find out why secret balloting is so evil, i'll probably lean toward supporting them.

    furthermore cody, I would like to see you seriously respond to my criticism of your absurd claim of jumping off a 60-70 foot deck instead of acting so childish and brushing me off.

  25. Loyd, here's my response that I thought was so unbelievably obvious nothing need be said. Have you ever heard of the word 'joke'? In case you don't want to look it up, here is one definition- "a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter." Do you really believe that any of my family or friends (for whom that post was intended) would for a moment believe that I had a deck that high, or that I could possibly leap off of it? I think that maybe, just maybe, you are so bitter and angry with people that you can't see beyond the humor of someone joking about that. Maybe you are so full of negativity and hate that you cannot enjoy the silly reference to some super human flying capabilities that I joked about. I, along with others, thought it was funny to jokingly claim that I am like super man. No, nobody close to me would ever believe in that, but rather would read it and laugh.
    You on the other hand keep clinging to the last straw, your one last hope to try and "prove" that I am somehow an ignorant liar. Like a stubborn fool you cling to the completely irrational and beat it like a dead horse. How many times will you keep bringing this non issue up? Give it up Loyd. Cheer up, there is more to life than being such a negative, nay sayer.
    I suggest you take a step back, take a deep breath, and let that anger go. My comments here were to try and show that I am not angry with you, but wanted to engage in some intellectual conversations. You obviously have no desire to be intellectual, but would rather degrade, ridicule and belittle anyone who disagrees with you. If however you want to discuss differences of opinion, fine, I'm all for it. I enjoy sharing thoughts, facts, opinions, and general experiences with others, even when theirs differs from mine. I don't enjoy when comments are disrespected by others, though. If you no longer desire my opposing views on your blog, then say so, and I will oblige your request and refrain from posting. If, however, you decide you want to be mature about it and actually have respectful conversations, then wonderful. I will continue to contribute. But if you decide to respond with another denigrating comment, fine, I will not return to your site as nothing productive will come from trying to argue with you. The ball is in your court Loyd. It's up to you.

  26. sadly i think the narrator is incapable of being rational. the only thing that has ever come out of his mouth his hatred and negativity.

  27. and we all know you support unionization. why would anyone want to go out and work for their money when a bunch of lazy-ass slackers can form a union and demand higher wages. could you please - intelligently - name anything good that has come from unions in the last 50 years?

  28. cody,

    sounds a lot like bush's excuse in a couple decades. what? i was totally joking about wmd's! sheesh. every one close to me would have known that! there is a reason why the people who are your friends and family also find you so utterly annoying cody. but hey, just let them tell you. that's between you and them. remember when we used to be best friends and than later i beat you up in your front yard and you had to have sister-whats-her-name run out of her house to save you? same reason. good times cody.

    i thought you were ignoring my blog long ago. keep doing so if you please.


    medical benefits, retirement help, decent pay, workers rights, better hours, sick/vacation leaves, maternity leaves, safer working conditions, education, and on and on and on. when i was in hawaai, the teachers union planned a strike that brought their teachers from being the lowest paid in the nation to the (i believe) 16th in pay.

  29. i can be such a jerk. especially when i've got insomnia. he he.

  30. I think Cody's joke could of been misunderstood by those who are not as close to him and could of been taken as bragging having known how high the desk isn't. Cody having clarified that, I see he's not as egotistical as some other guys I know.

    I think it's funny how differently we interpret what others say on the internet. I think since voice and presentation is void on the internet, we have to do a lot of interpreting of what others are really saying and often we get it all wrong. I think if I had heard Cody say what he did I would of heard the sarcasm in his voice. I have posted lots of things I think are funny and they have haunted me because I'm afraid of people getting it all wrong.

    Loyd, you were just being a jerk.

    And I am going to have to disagree with Anony's comment "the only thing that has ever come out of his mouth is hatred and negativity."

    To think that the only conversations Loyd is having is on this blog is absurd.
    Once again you don't know him and so that statement is 100% untrue. If it were true I wouldn't let him near my kids.

  31. I'll vouch for both of them. Both Loyd and Cody have good qualities! Nancy though, that is another question... ;)

  32. so with the sound beating obama took in Puerto Rico when can we expect the post on how detrimental and counter-productive their uneducated and/or ignorantly biased (racist, xenophobic, religiously intolerant, etc) popuation is?

    considering clinton beat him in all categories, even the ones he usually wins ... they must be super-bad/evil/intolerant/racist/[fill in description here]!!!

  33. anonymous ignorant coward,

    you're an idiot. west virginia (and kentucky) were racists retards because the polling data said as much. clinton did so well here (and in several of the later contests) largely because she was playing ball with an unguarded hoop. obama has pretty much quit the primary game and has been campaigning in important general election areas while clinton has been playing by herself in a game that has been long over.


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