Thursday, June 19, 2008

loyd the racist

*obligatory politically correct warning* this post uses the 'n-word'

today out of the corner of my eye i saw a wrapper for 'hershey's nigger' chocolate. i thought to myself, wow. that's a racist candybar. that can't be right. i then looked at the wrapper again, saw that it actually said 'nugget', and realized that it is i who is apparently the racist.


  1. You know who likes those candy bars?

  2. :: that's pretty funny

  3. N_GGERS

    That was very Randy Marsh of you to do.

  4. heehee. no, not a racist but just a controversial man. you wanted there to be a candy bar named that just so you could express your righteous indignation. i love it!

  5. you know who else likes those candy bars? typical white people that cling to their guns and religion!

  6. setsuko a.k.a. mom6/23/2008 7:10 AM

    Ha Ha Ha, it is a great, Loyd, you are honest but you are thinking too much. You should move to Virginia.


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