Wednesday, June 25, 2008

today's lesson

a while back i decided to push out my 'doodies' as quickly as i could so that i would have more time to fit into my day. unfortunately this unnatural pushing of the poop has resulted in some uncomfortable bumps on my bumhole.

yes, i am unashamed to admit that i have hemorrhoids. a pain in the ass indeed.

the moral of this tale and why i post it here: enjoy each and every pile you drop, else your ass may itch like hell. take time to breathe and enjoy that stay on the toilet. 'tis a great time to write poetry, think up a blog post, or scratch a limerick onto the wall beside you. tubes of preparation h cost way too much.


  1. I always thought you had a stick up your butt.

  2. hahahahahaha! i love that! yes, lucy is correct you are disgusting, but at least you´re funny as well.

  3. glad i could make hemorrhoids a laughing matter.


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