Thursday, June 05, 2008

what's wrong with the world today?

two posts today! my treat for you.

a 78 year old man in hartford, connecticut was hit while crossing the street today. while the hit-and-run was disgusting enough, the complete apathy of those who witnessed it is even more disheartening. watch the reaction (or lack of it) by others following the hit.

and a related little somethin' to lighten the post...

Man's lying on the street
Some punk's chopped off his head
I'm the only one who stops
To see if he's dead
Turns out he's dead.
And that's why I'm singing
What...what is wrong with the world today?
What is wrong with the world today?

1 comment:

  1. :: that first video was so completely disturbing I almost cried ...
    then the next was so disturbingly brilliant I almost cried ...
    from LAUGHING ::


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