Wednesday, July 23, 2008

john SIDNEY mccain

among right-wing political pundits, there is a tendency to use barack HUSSEIN obama's middle name in an attempt to strike fear or disparage him by associating him with the former dictator of iraq.

listen to fox and friends' steve JAMES douchey for example:

or listen to radio talk show host bill BUTTWIPE cunningham introduce john SIDNEY mccain:

this tactic is not only used by pundits, but is also a common means of trying to attack obama by your run-of-the-mill ignorant redneck conservative hacks. compare the difference between the 31 benign search results of "john sidney mccain" and 870 malignant results of "barack hussein obama" in youtube.

but of course the usual reply by these hacks when confronted about this tactic is a defense that were not using his middle name in an attempt to associate him with saddam hussein and islam, but that they were just simply using his middle name because that is what his middle name is. this should then make us wonder why these same people don't follow the same protocal when referring to the republican candidate? why do we never hear of "john SIDNEY mccain" from the republican pundits? the reason why we don't hear it from them is the same reason why we hear so much of obama's middle name from them: name association.

when americans hear 'sidney' they think of two things:


that's right. it makes them think of culture and blacks. and if there are two things that john SIDNEY mccain needs to dissassociate himself from in order to win the hearts of his conservative white voting block, it is those two very things. there is a reason why john SIDNEY mccain is even more difficult to listen to than our current president and why blinks uncontrollably after poorly telling an already unfunny joke. those are marks of a lack of culture. do you think it was an accident that the media is well aware that john SIDNEY mccain called his wife a "c*nt" in public? no. again, this is an intentional plan by the john SIDNEY mccain campaign to tell the american voter that 'hey, i'm just like you. i also belittle my wife in public and call her a 'c*nt' (who i happened to begin courting while i was still married to my first wife).' respecting others, especially your wife, is a elitist and cultured ideology that says 'i'm better than the rest of you.' there is no way that john SIDNEY mccain would want to be associated with that.

the disassociation with black americans should be simple enough considering how white john SIDNEY mccain is (even his hair is as white as the stripes on the american flag). however, just to prove how white john SIDNEY mccain is, he spent decades fighting the memorialization of civil rights leader martin LUTHER king.

all this work to prove how uncultured and how unblack john SIDNEY mccain is can be undone with his middle name though. that is why there have been many within the republican inner-circles who have been pushing for their presidential nominee to legally change his name to john GOMER mccain. cuz if any name can best describe white and uncultured, it's 'gomer.'


  1. I'm not sure that conservatives intentionally leave out McCain's middle name, but I definitely think they're lying when they say that they're not trying to associate Obama with Islamist radicals by using his middle name.

    Of course, maybe that's your point and you're just pointing out how ridiculous it is for them to consitently use Obama's middle name for name association.

  2. this post was supposed to be entirely satirical, but i'm guessing that didn't come through.

  3. hahahahahahahahaha! breath hahahahahahahahah! why don´t i stay more up to date on your posts! people take you way to seriously...or literally....or something.


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