Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a short sunday morning ride and a pretty stupid to bike bells canyon

sunday morning, i went up for a short ride up a service trail along the wasatch front. the trail finished at a way too short dead end. the view was nice though.

and then this morning, i had the stupid idea to bike bells canyon. because of the sandy and log-stepped 35%+ incline and all of the rocks and boulders, i spent more time carrying my bike than actually riding it. felt good though and ran into a few dear.



  1. Nice pics. I just starting sharing my blog with others. Nothing controversial, so far. agentkjo.blogspot.com
    I'm still working on the hyperlink thing... It looks easy but didn't work last time I tried to use it, so will have to take time to try again. Meaning, the site is pretty crude for now.

    Not so keen on putting it on family page. In time perhaps.
    carry on
    p.s. (angels in america) creepy video on latest post. only made it through about 3 minutes. found it disturbing. I'm not impressed with the lead actor dude. Shouldn't I have some idea of what his facial expressions are actually expressing?

  2. katy,

    thanks. i'll be bookmarking your blog.

    the video is a song from one of my favorite bands put to clips from 'angels in the outfield'. have you seen it before? it'd probably make more sense.

  3. i loved the pics. can´t believe the deer stayed still long enough for pics. the bees are great...and gross.


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