Monday, September 29, 2008

grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, keeps palin on a tight leash

well by now most of you have probably seen palin's recent interview with katie couric. grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, did too and has since pulled even tighter on her leash to keep her from speaking in public. while joe biden was interviewed on almost every major news channel following friday's presidential debate, the grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, campaign did not allow palin to publicly comment on the debates.

well on saturday grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, decided to let palin out to get some pizza with her friends. palin invited the media along to show all of us that she eats pizza, just like you and me. unfortunately for grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, somebody dared to ask palin a question. and even more unfortunately, palin answered.

grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, once again had to send palin to her room to be grounded; and then had to go explain her naughty behavior to the press.

well it just looked bad for grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, to be doing all of the speaking on behalf of palin. afterall, palin was his pick for vice-president. if there is going to be one critical decision that he has made during the campaign that should reflect the type of judgment he has, it should be the very important decision he makes in choosing his vice-president.

so today grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, allowed palin to be interviewed about the mishap and speak for herself. . . sorta. grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, made sure that he was there for the interview with her leash on tight, just in case he needed to pull her back from opening her mouth too much. just watch how nervous he gets when she starts to speak, finally jumping in to speak for her when he feels she is incapable of doing it for herself. it reminds me of some poor lawyer desperately trying to cover and speak over his drunken celebrity.

i know all this talk of palin on a leash sounds sexist, but i can't help but feel that it best describes the type of control that grandpa mccain, a former prisoner of war, now wants (and perhaps needs) over palin.

ok. so maybe it isn't fair. we shouldn't expect to take what a candidate says to a voter seriously. right? we all know that voters are the people that candidates are least obligated to be honest with. if palin had been asked this question in a more serious prepared one-on-one interview with the media, she wouldn't have said the same thing. right?


oh crap...


  1. I can't wait till Thursday night.

  2. Sorry, this is going to be a bit tangential, but I've been wanting to say it for a while now.

    You know what bugs me? When people imply that levying any type of criticism to a woman makes it automatically and inherently sexist.

    "i know all this talk of palin on a leash sounds sexist"

    Well, actually... it didn't. At least not until you said that. It sounded like a satire. It sounded like you were making fun of someone who is clearly TERRIBLE at interviews. That's definitely ok. The videos really do make me cringe. But her being a poor speaker or an uninformed candidate have nothing to do with her being a woman. McCain feeling the need to clean up after the messes she has made have nothing to do with her being a woman; they have everything to do with her being out of her league in this campaign.

    I can think of numerous examples of male leaders who have been controlled by others. I can also think of numerous examples of blunders made by male leaders where some other person has swooped in and cleaned up the mess. No one ever says that's sexist. "Oh what a typical man; he has to have everything done for him. His advisers really need to keep him on a tighter leash. Sorry if I sound sexist, it's just the way it is." No, that doesn't happen because it's ridiculous to construe such criticisms into sexist rhetoric. Such ineptitude has nothing to do with sex.

    So thanks for pulling out the sexist card. It was completely irrelevant.

  3. kel,

    a while back i was going to write a post about reps crying sexism every time palin was criticized (many of which were laughing when clinton tried the same tactic). this is all i ended up with.

  4. I live in a country that borders Russia, but darn it, I can't see it from my house!


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