Wednesday, October 15, 2008

john SIDNEY mccain's, a former prisoner of war, 'new' stump speech

another brilliant and humorous analysis from the daily show

and here is a little bonus video from last night.


  1. Loved these clips. Wish you were here so that we'd be able to watch the final debate tonight. Oh - I tried to see if I could help out at my old job for a few extra bucks during Fall Break - but it was a no-go. I am 95 percent certain it is my old bosses conservative extremism and hatred for "Barama" - he can never pronounce his name.

  2. yeah. it would be fun to be there for the debate. i'll be watching it with you in spirit.

    i'm really hoping mccain brings up ayers tonight, so that obama can put mccain in his place. but it is for that reason that i seriously doubt mccain is going to bring it up.

  3. i feel so bad for mccain. well...Steward is right. he´s fed racist, discriminatory based irrational fears and now what? ooooops! sounds like the 1960´s america that we really do not want to be like.


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