Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my god is bigger than your god

the following was an invocation made at the beginning of a mccain rally on saturday in iowa, by reverend arnold conrad of bethany baptist church in moline illinois:

poor fellow doesn't know that hindu's don't have a god named 'hindu' nor that buddhists worship some god named 'buddha'.

notice that he didn't mention those who are praying to 'mormon.' that's right. he knows that 'mormon' can totally kick his god's butt.


  1. Wow. It really is all I can say about this.

  2. most. awkward. prayer. ever. "hey, god, you got a rep to defend here! if obama wins, you'll totally lose your street cred, man!" awkward shudders abound.

  3. LOL...I can't believe what an idiot that guy was. If that prayer was said in my behalf I would probably apologize to the crowd and to God. Like God has to worry about his reputation. I guess this guy is going to lose all faith if McCain loses. "God...you let the other God win...I guess you just don't have what it takes..." Pathetic.

  4. Geez, it sounds like he's trying to coerce God.

  5. Maybe Senator McCain is his god. That would explain why his god's reputation is on the line. Loyd, I think you'd better add another title for when you refer to John Sidney McCain, a former prisoner of war. You probably don't want to offend his worshipers. Maybe you'd better add him to your list dieties in your site's disclaimer, too. You can never be too safe. He is a bigger god than "hindu", after all.

  6. K, I'm know I'm getting to this post late, but OH MY GOSH! Who is that guy? Good thing there's such a smart guy around who's willing to take a moment and show God which end is up. I'd be worried about the state of the universe otherwise...

    Good grief. I'd feel so awkward getting on stage to speak after that nutter's prayer.


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