Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Road trailer

After months and months of waiting, a trailer for the theatrical of one of my favorite books, The Road has been released.

Some thoughts:

The trailer makes the movie look like an apocalytpic thriller instead of the depressing somber of the book. I'm hoping that this is just for the sake of filling the theaters and that the movie itself will more reflect the feel of the book.

Charlize Theron sure has a lot of play time in the trailer, considering that her character only appears in a few flashbacks in the book. I'm guessing her face in the trailer appears as much as it does for the same reason as to why the trailer was given it's intensity.


  1. That's exactly what I thought. The Road is not about the end of the world, it's about what happens with these two people after it's all over, and it's slow-paced and a bit dreary-feeling. So I hope all the explosions are just for the benefit of the trailer.

    At any rate, I have total faith in Viggo being awesome.

  2. Agreed. Does look overly dramatized. I'm sure the film captures most of the tone of the book (we can only hope though)

  3. I'm not getting my hopes up that the movie matches the book very well. Unless they took every action clip and put it into the trailer so that when you watch it you won't see any new action shots.


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