Saturday, May 16, 2009

Too many books

I started the arduous process of packing all my belongings for my return to Utah in a week. Angela and I are going to rent a van to help carry all my things back. After pulling all my books out of the shelves and corners I am scared that we might need a second van just for them.

And for those interested, here is a little key.
1. Some of my favorite books by Chuck Palahniuk, Albert Camus, Cormac McCarthy, Fyoder Dostoevsky, and others.
2. Comedy, comics, and graphic novels.
3. Philosophy books I plan on reading while in Utah.
4. Books on/about Mormonism.
5. Books by Ludwig Wittgenstein and DZ Phillips.
6. Religious texts - Bible, Quran, BofM, Bhagavad Gita, etc
7. Philosophy books and novels that I have recently read and don't plan on returning to any time soon.
8. Christianity and Religious Studies.
9. A book on mountain biking in Los Angeles County that Bryant and Kelly gave me but I was never able to use because my bike was stolen soon after moving here.
10. Some of my own publications.

I'm giving away most of these books. So if you see one you want, call dibs and let me know.


  1. ...and i'm totally kidding about giving away books.

  2. omg serioously, buy one of those kimball or kiball or whatever their called. too many books! they take up so much space. its kind of hot :)

  3. I dig the Simpsons and Philosophy book you have in that box there. Good choice.

  4. I'm honored that your mountain biking book got its very own stack! Do I get a cut if someone buys that off of you? ;) Just kidding. By the way, I'm STILL so sad about your bike.


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