Friday, July 31, 2009

I hate cats.

I had to pick up some degreaser for my mountain bike tonight and thought it was the perfect evening to walk the couple miles to Walmart with my wife to get it. On the way back Angela decides to pet some random cat on the street, and the stupid things decides to follow us for a mile home. Now it is outside our house meowing and crying. Stupid cat. I hate cats.


It gets worse. I got sick of hearing it crying outside our front door, so I open it up to throw a cup of water on the stupid thing, hoping it would chase it away. Instead, the stupid cat runs into our house and hides under a desk in the den.

Stupid cat.

I really hate cats.


  1. Weird. I saw three cats grouped together in the parking lot of the library today. They stood and stared as if they were caught doing something, and wouldn't move away from the car on approach. No, they were not hit. But it was weird.

    Weird cat happenings today.

  2. YES! A kitty! Aw, at least keep it until I can come see it!

  3. Sounds like the title should be changed from "I hate cats" to "I have cat."


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