Monday, August 03, 2009

Keith Olbermann - Legislators for sale


  1. I liked this. Mostly anyway. It was a decent attempt at non-partisanship journalism. The only problem is that this is a policy debate (the future policies that will govern American health care) and in a policy debate the reasoning has to be much sharper. This one was pretty messy. I'll outline why: 1. Attacking the character of an opponent because he/she may have ulterior motives does not to address the substance of their arguments. It is often used by the uniformed or the unprepared for sensational or libelous purposes. To go further, it is also an unwarranted assumption to say that these congressman are mere "puppets." It is just as likely that these "Blue dog" congressman may have espoused the cause of the american healthcare system before they were elected, which belief allows them to take these donations with a clear conscience (especially knowing that campaign donation amounts are public information). Come on, these are the kind of logical fallacies that are the easiest to pick up on my practice LSATS. The appeal to the emotions with the random lady was laughable but the idea that the one lady was somehow truly representative of the congressman's district was the best stretch of this 'special moment." If I could somehow decide what the focus of the debate was, I would say we need to look collectively at the hundreds of other government-run enterprises and see how they are doing and go from there.


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