Monday, December 21, 2009

"Please bless this food that it might nourish and strengthen...."

In nearly every mealtime prayer, a Mormon asks God to "Bless this food that it might nourish and strengthen our bodies" (or some variation of this line).

Is this phrase unique to Mormons? Or do other Christians use it as well? If the former, who was the first to use it, and did they have any clue that it would be nearly on par with the Lord's Prayer (and more commonly used) in Mormonism?

And when Mormons use it, do any of you believe that the very chemical components of the food will change so that the food will go from un-nourishment and un-strengthening to nourishing and strengthening?


  1. I have actually been told that the chemical composition of the food does change when properly blessed. Of course this was the same source which told me that when you are baptized, a literal change occurs in your blood, in which you become a literal descendant of the house of Israel.

  2. I have to believe it does, becuase I crappy processed foods all the time that would have no chance in being healthy unless I blessed them.

  3. Hmmm, i think that it *can* happen, in the case of healthy food that has bacteria etc in it...but I don't think that a blessing on a donut will make it good for you...we will still suffer the consequences of eating junk food. We know the Word of Wisdom, and we have our agency to follow that diet plan or not..and to reap the rewards of obedience or suffer the consequences of eating things we know are not healthy for our bodies. Is that being faithless?

  4. That sounds like a great new diet... blessing the calories away.

  5. I've always wondered this as well -- because it was this way when I grew up in Arkansas as well in (of course) Utah. It's the globalization of grub purification. In the few instances I've been present during a non-lds meal blessing, this phrase wasn't used at all, to my recollection.

  6. "do any of you believe that the very chemical components of the food will change"

    Do you believe that your prayers have any impact in the physical world?

    When you get on your knees and you let the air pass from your lungs in short bursts, this causes physical changes in the physical world?

    Do you believe this?


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