Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The coward strikes again

It looks like my cowardice hater (or lover?) had more to say to me in an e-mail today.


Loyd you are lying once again. It is NOT vile to say what I have said if it's the truth, that what you say is a lie and evil. It is VILE to say that a PROPHET of GOD is racist. Who do you think you are, and how much pride do you have to think that you can see the people of this earth as a PROPHET of GOD does. Because you know not and understand not the mind of GOD. Here is a scripture in 2 nephi the is 100% in context. 40 O, my beloved brethren, give ear to my words. Remember the greatness of the Holy One of Israel. Do not say that I have spoken hard things against you; for if ye do, ye will revile against the truth; for I have spoken the words of your Maker. I know that the words of truth are hard against all uncleanness; but the righteous fear them not, for they love the truth and are not shaken.

Realize the divinity of the restoration of the Gospel and the Priesthood to the peoples of the earth at their proper times and places, despite what people think they should get and when they should get it. You cannot begin to understand the why if you say to GOD'S PROPHETS why not. You lie and use diversion when you say I hate you. I do not hate you. I hate what you say. I DO NOT hate you.

I believe you are gifted and you do have great strengths but you are headed in the wrong direction with truths. I believe because of your potential, satan has very much attacked you in places and ways that he would not attack in an average person. He attacks you, as he would to someone that teaches, that would one day have influence over children of our Heavenly Father. Realize that there are things inwhich you are close minded about that are true. Maybe because of the doubts about these truths you can write to Black Men why they had to wait and it will be of good influence, but don't let it stand as it is. Read what people wrote. It is influencing doubt and misunderstanding. Don't be so hungry for praise and adoration you lead people in ignorance Realize that just maybe when some of these voids that are doubts in your foundation are fill with faith, belief, and knowledge of truths, your whole perspective may change. Fight for dead babies in abortion biological waste trash cans before you fight for the healthcare of others that are still alive. People with health issues do have options. The countless sweet inocent souls that want to experience life and all that can be learned don't. Imagine the pain and horror and fear of these innocent little ones that experience horror beyond belief to be murdered feel. Imagine their suffering by the uknown numbers. Realize the country can't and doesn't even take care of the ones it is obligated to. The ones with no voice. Speak and fight for them. Surely these are the first that deserve compassion and charity. The scriptures say you don't give meat when one chokes on milk. Surely the murder of countless babies is choking on what right we of this earth have in regards to health. Don't run when you can't walk. Don't do more then you have energy for and certainly not unconstitutionaly. Bigger government is never the answer. Socialization of our most personal and sensitive information is not the answer. . YouTube Ezra Taft Benson and socialism. I know what you will want to do is not believe that socialism is not anything other then evil but it is. You'll have to tell me if that sentence came out right I hope it did and I hope you get the spirit of the message. Imagine how men have natural attraction to women. Now imagine if married men started web sites and forums complaining how married men must denie their natural attraction to naturally beautiful women because of temptation. Saying we feel carnal natural feelings towards women why must we denie who we are. But we must denie that which is a sin to God. We must overcome natural unatural and carnal temptations.

Sure we must be loving and patient but we do no good for the sinner by supporting them in sin. I hope you have an open mind to my point which is instead of apologizing and supporting the sinner help him to understand that there are certain truths that will give us eternal joy and denying what our Father in Heaven desires and requires for salvation will only lead us to suffering. Realize that the media, the governments, and the schools are full of them that push upon Mankind the the will of the devil. His philosophy his rationalizations and reason. Realize that bush and obama are truly pushing and have pushes the same agenda. They are different pieces of a chess set being played by the same master to acheive the same end. They get on the tv and tell different people what different people have been programmed to hear. Letting go of all the garbage that has ever been put in your head maybe difficult for some and for some impossible. To even realize that some things that you hold dear to in your mind is garbage is a mental revolution. The gospel of Jesus Christ isn't one of those things, helping the poor and the sick also isn't, but defiling our constitution with the socialization of our health care is. Sure it may help some people that are in need right now but in the end it will hurt more then it would help. If you believe in revelation in these modern days by Jesus Christ's Prophets and Apostles it is easier to know that socialism is evil. It is true. It either is all a lie or it's all true and it is all true. The same person that wrote the book on communism wrote the book on socialism because it is the same book. It may not be an immediate change of heart for you but it miraculously can be. Anyone calling the Prophet a racist and believing the church owes apologies is in need of a change of heart. Calling me a coward because I did not post my name is a lie or a false assumption. Maybe you respected me as a person maybe you didn't ,but who I am does not change that what I have written is true. My identity has nothing to do with truth. My purpose is not to ridicule you or damage anything other then these false teachings and by the end of this I hate to say that you have lied, and you have said vile things, but you have and it does no good for those that are struggling and seek truth. I don't want to make a spectactle of anything, but I want the truth to be preached by those members that are preaching. The scriptures says watch your thoughts words and deads for a reason. I would not want this to hurt you beyond what makes you a better person. I did consider you a friend, but lost, not that we are not all lost in a way. If you feel that I judge you I don't, but some of your words will as well as hurt peoples testimonies. It may hurt those that don't even have testimonies when a Black Man or Woman hears such words that were made out of ignorance will go another way for reasons that are simple to understand. I hope that you make it right because these things are true. On that issue here are some reasons. Africa is a nation that many countries and civilization have sought to dominate to enslave to rule to civilize to exploit the list goes on, but as ancient as Africa is no one has been able to do this and the amazing growth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ would not have been able to be as amazing and productive as it is now before enouph people desired the priesthood before the proper time the creator of heaven and earth new of that will forever change the face of that land. Not because missionaries desired to convert Africans but because Africans desired to convert and because of Gods perfect plan that coincided with a time that racism could not harm the fulfillment of prophecy. Just as the gospel could not be restored in other lands except in the Americas at an oppointed time the most free of all lands, and even in this land the Prophet was murdered and the truth persecuted. I'm sorry for my grammer but it's the spirit of it not the letter. I hope you lead people to repentance. This is what the Book of Mormon preaches. The natural man is an enemy to God but in these days we are dealing with a lot more then just the natural man. Homosexuality may be a natural sin but it is far more problem then it would be on an isolated family. Now days this evil is thrown in the face of children, teenagers, and everyone else in a manner the natural man has never encountered before. Fight for truth. Be a fisher of men don't throw them poison that is doubt, but the truth. In partial you may of to a degree been set up on the interview taking advantage of your place and position of what you know but don't make a name for yourself by being contraversal like some. It is evil to dicredit the Church of Jesus Christ whether because we understand not true doctrines or any other reason. It is his church. I know you, and I truly pray and hope you do great things in this life for our Savior, for our Father in Heaven for our fellow man this is in no particular order but to the glory of the Almighty. Take Great care on your journey. Satan will use you if you are not careful and prayerful and faithful.
Tiny Tim

It's nice to see that he doesn't hate me, but supposedly used to consider me to be a friend. This whole time I thought he was writing this out of self-righteous hatred, but it turned out to be because of love.

How sweet.


  1. Just like Ed Decker writes his anti-Mormon books out of love.

  2. Don't give this clown any more of your time and energy. He isn't intellectually equipped to understand your arguments anyway. People like this fellow should be ignored.

  3. I think it is supposed to mean you've made it in the world when you start getting hate mail... at any rate he/she sure spent a lot of time on you; you must be worth something.
    See ya tomorrow!

  4. I do want to say a couple of things for tiny tim...if he/she is reading. First of all, research the rules of the Nauavoo temple. The words of the prophet Joseph state that both bond and free, regardless of race could participle. So why in 1843 could blacks participate in the temple, but after Joseph's death, all of a sudden they are excluded? Was God's revelation wrong the first time, or was one prophet mistaken where another was right, and if so, who was wrong? God, Joseph, or Whomever started saying we could not give the priesthood to blacks?

    Second, since you are obsessed with the abortion issue. You expressed here how cruel it is and the baby suffers or the soul or whatever. Is the pain any less for the baby aborted for rape or incest? If it is ok to abort the fetus of an act of perversion, then if a gay couple adopted a baby, we could kill that baby too because it is a result of a perversion?

    And last, how many 'sins' do we already overlook and allow people to do because of their agency? Are you next going to petition for I dunno, coffee to be criminalized? You must first look to what God really considers to be sins before condemning any of them.

    See you tomorrow and good luck on your paper Loydo

  5. I wonder, if the church capitulates on homosexuality (which would probably take a long time, if ever), if there will be people in the future who will rant so passionately against saying previously church leaders and members were homophobic.

  6. Seriously, this guy isn't worth your time. No point in trying to respond to or debate with him. You can't reason with these zealots.

  7. I'm sorry, but I cannot take anyone's argument seriously if they don't know how to use proper grammar and spelling of easy words like "deny." He loses all credibility with his run on sentences, gigantic paragraphs, and other pet peeves.

    So forget him. Not worth anyone's time.


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