Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Someone certainly hates me

Several years ago (as some of you know) I was asked by John Dehlin to record a short segment from his Mormon Stories podcasts:

Yesterday, I got an email from John with a comment that was recently added to the Mormon Stories blog:

Loyd is a liar. First example is I was in his ward when he went to uvsc and there was maybe one guy with a fohawk with hilights. Loyd is type of person that says he like to give another perspective and when he does and another person dares to have another perspective that is designed to cast doubt on his perspective as he did to the initial perspective he gets mad offended leaves and then declares to the world how he has been made an outcast. What he does can easily be summed up in the story of Cain and Abel. When God asked for  a sacrifice Cain gave him not what God wanted but what he thought God wanted. When it was clear his sacrifice was unexceptable he was upset and sin was at his door. Loyd makes his self the spokesman for those that do not give God what he wants and attacks those that do. This does no good for those that are in need of change and repentance. If Loyd recieves phone calls once a month from friends leaving the church it is because Loyd aligns himself with those that are weak and are struggling which is a warning. He calls his work project mayhem which no true disciple of Christ would do. He seeks contention but withers at the truth. the priesthood was restored to various people according to the will of God. Just because men wanted did not mean men got. Just as Gentiles did not have the priesthood at certain times so it was with black men which are for reasons to whom the priesthood belongs has. It is written that the first shall be last and the last shall be first as it is written this prophesy is fullfilled with the priesthood being given to worthy Black Men. Those that seek to confuse these choice and chosen men with accusations of racism are no friend to rightous Black Men that love their people and are in positions to be a chosen tool in bringing their brethren unto salvation. To put peoples salvation at risk to sow seeds of contention because without being an oxymoron there is nothing is wrechid. To call the prophet a racist. Know he not that Brother Brigham is with Brother Joseph planning for his brethren. Now that the fulness of gospel and the Priesthood of God is here for all worthy men to have and proclaim and do the will of our Father listen not to hypocrits that sow seeds of contention but bless and gather our fellow brethren. The people of the world do not need apologies but all need to apologize. All need the truth not hypocrits that sow disent that mix philosofy gotten from a brad Pitt movie and the word of God. Loyd may be permitted to walk his thin ice of disent and rebellion to the judgement bar but unless he repents his false teachings will condem him and those that give credence to his false teachings. Loyd fights the side of the adversary seeking to enslave rather then free and until he can learn to be humble and obedient to his true spiritual leaders and not socialist quacks at universities he will gain no true wisdom and no true knowledge into the mysteries and mind of God. His teaching are lies mixed with truth to fool the weak out of salvation. If you had problems with the church loyd would be your friend but if you had opinions otherwise he would say you have made him an outcast.

I'm used to people being vicious through my own blog, but this is most startling because it comes from someone who apparently knew me in person. Not sure what to think about it. I wish the person had the courage to say these things to me personally instead of doing it under the cowardice of anonymity. I'm guessing the person was probably in my ward when I lived at Pinnacle... though I guess it may have been during my year at Raintree. I doubt it was any time before that. The pseudonym he left was "James the Truth." I don't think I strongly remember any James from either ward--but I'm terrible with remembering names.


  1. when it comes to folks like James writing comments like that on my blog, I'm with FDR-- "I welcome their hatred"

  2. "Not sure what to think about it."

    I wouldn't spend much time thinking such rude and ignorant ramblings like that at all.

    As for the podcast, I just finished listening to it and enjoyed it immensely. It was a pleasure to "meet" you. Anyone who gets to really know me in person will most likely discover that despite the "Clean Cut" fa├žade, I'm actually in agreement with you. I'll just add an amen to your podcast. Not that you need it, but I give my belated applause.

  3. Wow... How does it feel to have gotten on the One Mighty and Strong's bad side?

    At least you don't have to worry about anyone taking this seriously...

  4. I find this comical. This person should at least proof read their comment before submitting it. If you are going to have the lack of courage to make such bold statements and hide behind the curtain of anonymity from the internet. At least have the decency to write it correctly.

  5. Lol, I regret to say I have no pictures of your highlighted fohalk (sp?) Those would have been great in my documentation of the evolution of your hair post. It's too bad that we make generalizations and definitive conclusions of a person based on minuscule encounters with one another. I cringe when wondering what people I've known think of me. Anyhow, besides the fact that you're a liar and a baby, I'd like to add that you're also a good conversationalist, a poor sport when you're losing, and a good eater. Now, I think the commentary is complete. Best of Luck to you.

  6. On a more serious note, I listened to the podcast some time ago and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  7. Wall o' text angry comments are the best, at least for the first few rounds. They're my favorite type to get.

    Sadly, I don't get them often anymore. Guess I'm not pissing enough people off.

  8. it could only be better with caps lock.

  9. you are so cute. no wonder i couldn't stay away from you :)


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