Sunday, May 01, 2011 confrims braking news: Usama Bin Landen Dead

I took the following screen capture from's website tonight:

Besides the utter cuteness of FoxNews spelling like my 4 year old nephew, I wonder why FN chooses to use "Usama" instead of "Osama." I have not been able to find any other news sources that use this spelling, including the London Times and Al Jazeera. My only guess is that they use this because this is how bin Landen Laden's name is spelled on the FBI Most Wanted list--the only other place I could find that uses this.

It is nice to see that it has been confrimed confirmed though.


Apparently some local Fox affiliates are having some trouble too:


  1. Someone was in a hurry.


  3. Bet the student intern got fried (fired) over that one.

  4. Arabic names, like Chinese, always have an issue in Western translation. The FBI, Interpol always use Usama ... Federal agencies use marihuana as opposed to marijauana. I think I read somewhere that Bin Laden actually used Usama when he wrote it.

    Fox has used it for years.


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