Tuesday, May 25, 2004


took emily out for lunch today (she's the girl i met at the bonfire saturday night). had a good time. she's in her third year at byu majoring in english, she was in japan for six weeks during highschool as an exchange student, and for the first time in several months, she's someone i might actually want to take out again.

this should be **************** at the same time, i find myself ************ still ************* couple weeks ***************. **************** now. a couple times ************** bite my tongue ********** myself back *************************** too soon. i want so badly to **************** just can't. i'm scared ****************** and ***********************will be... ********* late.

too many people read this now so i can't get too personal. i'll have to edit this later. it just feels good to type out my emotions every now and then.

[randomly edited by loyd]

...after editing, this is like one of those mad-lib books. just fill in the blanks.

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